Commonwealth is a peer to peer savings fund for the world.

One of the longest running applications on Ethereum Classic since 2018, we build around an immutable smart contract vault. Our goal is to help users diversify their savings and achieve financial independence as early as possible.

Downloadable Asset Packs


The icon should be used when space is limited, such as on listings, charts or diagrams.

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Primary Logo

The primary logo is based on the whale, representing long life and stability, and the key representing financial security. Includes "" wordmark.

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Ethereum Classic

Ethereum Classic (ETC) is the open-source blockchain Commonwealth runs on. It stands for the principles of immutability. Feel free to use the logo in any materials.

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On dark or coloured backgrounds the logo is white.

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Download large, high-resolution Commonwealth backgrounds.

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Deep Sea Green: #348F50 / RGB(52, 143, 80)

Tropical Blue: #56B4D3 / RGB(86, 180, 211)

Forest Green: #62957 / RGB(98, 149, 117)

Emerald Gradient: linear-gradient(to left, #56B4D3, #348F50)

Branding Rules

  • The logo can only be used by apps that run on Ethereum Classic and connect back to the offical Commonwealth contract here (0xDe6F...)
  • All memes are permitted. Usage of the logos are perimitted as long as it is proeprly attributed, and the license is not changed. More information about licensing can be found here.